San Diego Section CIF Championship
Saturday, November 20 at Morley Field
GIRLS (2.75 miles)
Division V

The original posted times were incorrect. This updated version was posted Jan 7th 2000. We are still missing the girls winning time.

??:??     Kaili Shumilak, Bishop's
18:13    Lily Dowlatshahie, Mountain Empire
18:41    Daniela Scarfeo, La Jolla Country Day
19:00    Lauren Swigart, La Jolla Country Day
19:02    Elizabeth Smith, Julian
19:07    Gwyn Leachman, Francis Parker
19:19    Elana Huff, Calvin Christian
19:24    Jenny Tavin, Calvin Christian
19:34    Debbie Sedlak, Bishop's
19:37    Marjorie Spurr, Calvin Christian
19:37    Jolene Guerrieri, Calvin Christian
19:38    Jordan Ramsey, Calvin Christian
19:42    Erin Calloway, Julian
19:46    Nicole Bastian, Julian
19:50    Courtney Watkins, Mountain Empire
20:13    Sarah Kauffman, Francis Parker
20:19    Nicky Enberg, Bishop's
20:22    Joy Whitson, Horizon Christian
20:32    Deborah Watkins, La Jolla Country Day
20:33    Alison Baker, Mountain Empire
20:36    Andrea Iturbe, Bishop's
20:56    Porschia Talbot, La Jolla Country Day
21:04    Amy MacIntyre, Bishop's
21:04    Lindsey Bradshaw, Calvin Christian
21:05    Lisa Arias, Francis Parker
21:59    Mandy Johnson, Mountain Empire
22:00    Kacey Nielsen, Julian
22:04    Valerie Turcotte, Mountain Empire
22:07    Anna Childson, Bishop's
22:46    Jenny Grady, Tri City Christian
22:46    Danni Iredale, Bishop's
23:23    Retta Ross, Mountain Empire
24:31    Rubi Torres, Mountain Empire
26:05    Stacy Eisenberg, Horizon Christian
28:30    Sarah Rey, Marian Catholic
28:55    Maryam Meschi, La Jolla Country Day
29:09    Daniella Levin, La Jolla Country Day
Finishers: 37.

Team Scores:
38    Calvin Christian
52    Bishop's
61    La Jolla Country Day
66    Mountain Empire

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