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Final Coaches Rankings for 2002 Cross Country (top 20 teams)
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 Sept 6th (Friday) West Hills Wolfpack Invite at West Hills
Sept 7th (Saturday) Vaquero Stampede at Lindo Lakes 
Sept 13th (Friday) Baron  Invitational at Rohr Park)
Sept 14th  (Saturday) Bronco Roundup at Kit Carson Park ( race web site)
Sept 21st (Saturday) 18th Mt. Carmel Movin' Shoes Invite Morley Field
Sept 21st  (Saturday) Woodbridge Invite, Woodbridge HS, Irving
Sept 27st (Friday) Southbay Invite at Rohr Park
Sept 28th (Saturday) Dana Hills Invite
Sept 28th: (Saturday) Stanford Invite
Oct 4th (Friday) Saints Small School Invite at Morley Field
Oct 5th (Saturday)  Central Park Invite (Huntington Beach) 
Oct 19th (Saturday)  Southern Cal Invite (Guajome Park, Oceanside) 
Oct 19th (Saturday) CAL Poly SLO Invite
Oct 25th (Friday) Mt. SAC Divisions III, IV and V
Oct 26th (Sataurday)  Mt. SAC Divisions I and II

Oct 26th (Friday) Kit Carson Invite
Nov 1st (Friday)  Frosh/Soph Championships at Morley Field
Nov 23rd (Saturday) CIF Finals all divisions, Morley Field

Nov 30th (Saturday) State Meet, Woodward Park, Fresno
Here is the DyeStat link to the 2002 State Results.
If this link goes down I captured the boys and girls races here....
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