2008 Bronco Invite
Sept 13th 2008

Hosted by Rancho Bernardo High School

Top 3 Girls


For the second week in a row Mollie Grabill demolished a course record.
This week it was at the Bronco Invite. The top 3 finishers are shown to the left. Grabill (right) Megan Morgan (center) who was also under the old record, and Alli Billmeyer (left).

Photo by Dennis McClanahan

Because I have no control over the maintenance of the above site I captured their site and placed it on my server.
If the above link goes down the original results put there are here.

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Since all races were the same distance (2 miles) I combined all girls and all boys races to produce a large virtual race for each, complete with team scores and team times (thanks to the best scoring software available, namely, RunScore).

Combined Results (done in the computer)

Flickr Photo Album from Dennis McClanahan