2006 California State Cross Country Finals
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The links below show all finishes by division with San Diego Section finishers flagged.
Division I Boys
Division II Boys
Division III Boys
Division IV Boys
Division V Boys
Division I Girls
Division II Girls
Division III Girls
Division IV Girls
Division V Girls
The two links below show all finishers combined with San Diego Section Runners flagged.
All boy finishers        All girl finishers
Here are the San Diego Section finishers only.
Boys      Girls
The lists above were exported as html from an excel spreadsheet. If anyone wants the spreadsheet itself drop me a line and I'll be glad to send it to you.
George Green .... Email: plugh@crowncity.com
Team Scores
D1 Boys     D2 Boys      D3 Boys     D4 Boys    D5 Boys
D1 Girls      D2 Girls       D3 Girls      D4 Girls     D5 Girls


Here is a link to the official State Meet results.
Since it's external and I have no control over it it may eventually go down.
The San Diego Section results were derived from the combined results on this site.