Here are results for the 16 Mt. Carmel races.
In each case scroll down for the team score.
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Here is a photo album of all winners.

Race 1 D2 Frosh Girls
Race 2 D2 Frosh Boys
Race 9 D1 Frosh Girls
Race 13 D1 Jr Girls
Race 3 D2 Soph Girls
Race 4 D2 Soph Boys
Race 10 D1 Frosh Boys
Race 14 D1 Jr Boys
Race 5 D2 Jr Girls
Race 6 D2 Jr Boys
Race 11 D1 Soph Girls
Race 15 D1 Sr Girls
Race 7 D2 Sr Girls
Race 8 D2 Sr Boys
Race 12 D1 Soph Boys
Race 16 D1 Sr Boys

Here are the morning (d2 small school) and afternoon (d1 large school) races combined.
(Top 100 finishers and all team scores)

D2 Combined Girls
D2 Combined Boys
D1 Combined Girls
D1 Combined Boys
Here are all races combined for boys and girls
All girls running sub 8 minute miles
Here are results from California Schools by CIF Division.
In each case scroll down for team score and team times.
Note... Palo Verde is not the California school, it's in Las Vegas so it's not included in the results below.
D-I Girls   D-II Girls   D-III Girls    D-IV Girls   D-V Girls
D-I Boys   D-II Boys   D-III Boys    D-IV Boys   D-V Boys