South Coast League Track and Cross Country

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2016 Cross Country

South Meets
28 Sept
: Tidelands Park in Coronado
Here are over 500 photos shot at the Tidelands meet.

5 Oct: UCSD Par Course
12 Oct: UCSD Par Course
19 Oct: 4th Tecolote Canyon

Coming Up
26 Oct Lindo Lakes
2 Nov Robb Field

North Meets
28 Sept: Rancho Leo Carillo Park
5 Oct: Horizon Prep
12 Oct: Maranatha
19 Oct: Horizon Prep

Coming Up
26 Oct. San Dieguito Park
2 Nov. San Dieguito Park


9 Nov. Finals at Maranatha
For scoring methods scroll down to the 2011 cross country results.


2016 Track Results

16 March 1st Middle School Meet South
6 April 2nd Middle School Meet South
13 April 3rd Middle School Meet South
26 April 4th MiddleSchool Meet South

23 March 1st Middle School Meet North
13 April 2nd Middle School Meet North
20 April 3rd Middle School Meet North

Now that the high school season is over I finally had time to go over the middle school Video files and adjust the finishers in the sprints using the time-lines from the Videos. In the 1st two heat of the boys and girls 80 hurdles, 100 and 200 I took the winner's hand time and adjusted all the rest of the times relative to that. There were several very close finishes that couldn't be resolved without a finish video. All videos were shot at 240 frames per second which is 1/8 normal speed. You can see the videos here. As for the finishers in the videos,
there is a complete list of them here
, along with links to the video in which they finished.
A note on the Shot Put: 8th grade girls should have been throwing the 6 pound shot not the 8 pound shot. I was told that they've been throwing 8# all year. At least it's consistant but the marks can't be compared with previous years. I have no idea where that advice came from... Coach Green
For scoring methods scroll down to the 2012 Track Results


2015 Cross Country
South Meets
23 Sept
: Warren Walker at Robb Field
30 Sept: La Jolla Country Day at UCSD Par Course
7 Oct:     Bishop's at UCSD Par Course
14 Oct:   Francis Parker at Tecelote Canyon
21 Oct:  Coronado at Tidelands Park
                Photos taken at Tidelands Meet in Coronado
28 Oct:  
Christian at Lindo Lake

North Meets
23 Sept: Maranatha at Maranatha
30 Sept: Horizon Prep at Horizon Prep
7 Oct:     Pacific Ridge at Rancho Carrillo Park
14 Oct:   Maranatha at Maranatha
21 Oct:   Rancho Santa Fe at San Dieguito Park
28 Oct:   Santa Fe Christian at San Dieguito Park
For scoring methods scroll down to the 2011 cross country results.


2015 Track Results

18 March 1st Middle School Meet South
15 April 2nd Middle School Meet South
22 April 3rd Middle School Meet South
29 April 4th Middle School Meet South

25 March 1st Middle School Meet North
1 April 2nd Middle School Meet North
15 April 3rd Middle School Meet North
22 April 4th Middle School Meet North
29 April 5th Middle School Meet North

For scoring methods scroll down to the 2012 Track Results

2014 Cross Country

2014 Cross Country Results

24 Sept South Results at UCSD
1 Oct South Results at Robb Field
8 Oct South Results at Tidelands Park in Coronado
15 Oct South Results at UCSD
22 Oct South Results at Tecolote Canyon

24 Sept North Results at San Dieguito Park
1 Oct North Results at Marinatha
8 Oct North Results at San Dieguito Park
15 Oct Results at Leo Carillo
22 North Results will be uploaded when issues are fixed

For scoring methods scroll down to the 2011 cross country results.
2014 Track Results
12 March South Results   |    Photos by Sherri Cortez 12 March North Results
No Meet 19 March North Results
No Meet 26 March North Results
9 April Results No Meet
16 April Results No Meet
30 April Results 30 April Results

Combined League Championship Meet at Coronado on 7 May 2014
Hundreds of Photos by Sherri Cortez

The photos above are free. To download, print, or share see the links at the top right of each photo page. The buy link takes you to the SmugMug photo store where you can have your photos printed in many ways at great prices. Sherri also has them on her facebook page... drop her a line.

YouTube Video of 100 meter girls YouTube Video of 200 meter girls
2013 Cross Country Results
2013 Cross Country Results
25 Sept South Results at UCSD | Photos by Sherri Cortez 25 Sept North Results at San Dieguito Park
2 Oct South Results at Tidelands  |  Photos by Sherri Cortez 2 Oct North Results at Rancho Currillo Park
9 Oct South Results at Robb Field 9 Oct North Results at Maranatha
16 Oct South Results at Mission Bay 16 Oct Results at San Dieguito Park
23 Oct South Results at Tecolote Canyon 23 Oct North Results at San Dieguito Park
30 Oct South Results at Lindo Lake 30 Oct North Results at Maranathac
6 November 2013 -- Combined Finals at Mission Bay Using Standard 5-7 Scoring
Photos from Sherri Cortez
For scoring methods scroll down to the 2011 cross country results.
2013 Track Results
See the info for the 2012 Track Results below for scoring etc... we'll do it the same way this season.

Week 1
South Results on 13 March
North Results on 13 March

Week 2
North Results on 20 March (Some South Teams Competed as well)

Week 3
North Results on 27 March (Some South Teams Competed as well)
2nd upload but some Army-Navy names still missing

Week 4
North Results on 3 April      |    Photos by Sherri Cortez

Week 5
South Results on 10 April    |   Photos by Sherri Cortez

Week 6
South Results on 17 April     |    Photos by Sherri Cortez
North Results on 17 April

Week 7
South Results on 24 April
North Results on 24 April

Sherri CortezFor a growing photo portfolio of several of our Middle School meets this year, as well as many High School and College meets, visit Sherri Cortez's website at the link below or click on her picture.

For all things going on with High School Track and Field, visit my website at the link below.
-Coach Green (Coronado High School)

    Finals Results 1 May 2013
Here are the Photos from Sherri Cortez.

2012 Cross Country Results

26 September 1st South Meet at UCSD
3 October 2nd South Meet at Tidelands
10 October 3rd South Meet at Robb Field
17 October 4th South Meet at Tecolote Canyon
24 October 5th South Meet at Lindo Lake

26 September 1st North Meet at Maranantha
3 October 2nd North Meet at San Dieguito
10 October 3rd North Meet at Pacific Ridge
17 October 4th North Meet at San Dieguito
24 October 5th North Meet at San Dieguito

7 November: Combined Finals at Crown Point, Mission Bay
Top 4 finishers scored see 2011 details below... we'll score the same way this season Finals score 5.
   2012 Track Results
Since we've now split-up into two leagues the way I was Scoring in the past is no longer appropriate because it awards points that are too high for the top finishers for the number of schools we have competing. The NFHS rule book tables will be followed from here on out (I rescored the first North Meet). The point totals for the various places depend on the number of schools participating, and the number of individuals who can score in any given event from each school is one less than the number of schools in the meet. Because the north part of our league has a school with only boys (Army-Navy), boys and girls points awards for the places will differ from each other. For Relays, only the winning relay from each school will be awarded points, regardless of the number of relays a school enters. The Coed relays will not be scored. For the boys shot put, the 8th grade boys shot will count in the scoring for that event even though the shot is two pounds heavier. The point charts are shown below.

Individual Scoring
Dual Meet     5-3-1

Relay Scoring
Dual Meet    5-0
Note...Times shown in the results are hand-times not FAT, even though I show them to 2 places. To covert a hand time to FAT you must round up to the next 10th and add .24 seconds for events under 400m or .14 seconds for all other events.
3 Schools......5-3-2-1 3 Schools.... 5-3
4 Schools .....6-4-3-2-1 4 Schools.....6-4-2
5 Schools......8-6-4-2-1 5 Schools.....8-6-4-2
6+ Schools ..10-8-6-4-2-1 6+ Schools..10-8-6-4-2
Click Here for Photo Gallery of the finals
There are over 300 shots in this gallery, all taken at the finals. If you have any photos from the finals or any of the other meets you want to share, send me an email and I'll return an upload key that will allow you to drag and drop photos and videos from your computer into this gallery.
George Green:
Week 5
5th Meet North Results on 2 May (8 schools... some from South)
Week 4
4th Meet North Results on 18 April
4th Meet South Results on 25 April
Week 3
Note... beginning with week three I'll include combined results as well as boys and girls.
If I have time, I'll go back and add this to the first two weeks' results.
3rd Meet South Results on 11 April
3rd Meet North Results on 4 April
Week 2
2nd Meet South Results on 21 March
Competitor #8 from Coronado is listed in boys 100, 400, and Shot Put as a girl so I left her/him out of the results, Coronado coach please advise.
 2nd Meet North Results on 21 March
Week 1
1st Meet South Results on 14 March
1st Meet North Results on 14 March
2011 Cross Country Results
South Section Results
North Section Results
21 Sept Coronado, Tidelands
21 Sept Maranatha
28 Sept
Coronado, Tidelands
28 Sept San Dieguito Park


5 Oct Bishops, Crown Point 5 Oct Maranatha
12 Oct Warren Walker, Robb Field 12 Oct San Dieguito Park
19 Oct LJCD, UCSD Par Course 19 Oct Rancho Carrillo (PRS host)
26 Oct Christian, Lindo Lake 26 Oct Guajome Park
2 Nov Francis Parker, Tecolote Field 2 Nov San Dieguito Park
10 November combined finals at Crown Point in Mission Bay... Standard 5-7 scoring was used ... Results

Team scores for the league meets are based on the first 4 finishers from each team with the 5th and 6th finishers displacing the finish positions of other teams. In the case of ties, the 5th finisher will be the tie-breaker. If all teams that are tied have only 4 finishers, then the 4th finisher will be the tie-breaker. If teams are tied but one or more have only 4 finishers, the teams with more finishers will place higher. Teams with less than 4 finishers are not considered when adding-up the finish place scores. For the finals we'll use 5 finishers with ties, displacers, etc. incremented one place accordingly. The three numbers in ( ) next to the team score are (Average Time - Total Time - Time spread between the 1st and last scorer).
In Cross Country the team with the lowest sum of finish positions of the scoring runners (4 for duals or 5 for the finals) is the winner. In the "place" method of Cross Country scoring, team times don't figure into the results but I show them here just for fun. It's possible that a team with a faster team time than another will place lower using the place method. This generally happens when one team has a really fast runner or two up-front and the rest of the runners have average times. The front runner(s) give the team a low team time but they're beat in the placings among the other runners.

2011 Track Results    
North Results
Results for 1st Middle School Track Meet Northern Section March 16th 2011
Results for 2nd Middle School Track Meet Northern Section March 30th 2011
South Results
Results for 1st Middle School Track Meet Southern Section March 29th 2011
Results for 2nd Middle School Track Meet Southern Section April 5th 2011
Results for 3rd Middle School Track Meet Southern Section April 15th 2011
Results for 4th Middle School Track Meet Southern Section April 28th 2011
Results for 5th Middle School Track Meet Southern Section May 5th 2011

Finals on May 12th... North and South combined at Coronado High School
-George Green

2010 Cross Country Results
South Section Results
North Section Results
29 Sept Crown Point Results 29 Sept San Dieguito Park Results
6 Oct UCSD Results 6 Oct Army-Navy Academy Results
13 Oct Tecolote Canyon Results 13 Oct Guajome Park Results
20 Oct Robb Field Results 20 Oct Leo Carrilo Park Results
27 Oct Lindo Lake Results 27 Oct Rancho Bernardo Results
3 Nov Coronado Results 3 Nov San Dieguito No Results

10 Nov Finals Resuts for both leagues at Crown Point, Mission Bay
8th Grade Girls
8th Grade Boys
6th - 7th Grade Girls
6th - 7th Grade Boys
Combined Results

Boys         Girls
Combined results merge the 6th-7th and 8th grade races into a single event based on time. While they're fun to look at and give a good general idea of how a race with everyone may have went, keep in mind that it's a simulation. An actual race with everyone in it would have been different in its details because the runners from the two groups would have been racing each other rather than the clock.

Athletic.netSouth Coast League member schools: Click on your school on account and edit your athlete list for the 2009 Cross Country Season.
2009 Cross Country

Meets done with results:
1st meet Results 1.5 miles at Tidelands Park on Sept 23rd 2009

2nd meet Results 1.5 miles at Crown Point on Oct 7th 2009
3rd meet Results 1.5 miles at UCSD Par Course on Oct 14th 2009
4th meet Results at San Deguito Park on Oct 21st 2009
5th meet Results at Tecolate Park on Oct 28th 2009
6th meet Results at Lindo Lake on Nov 4th 2009
7th meet Results -- Finals at SDJA on Nov 10th 2009

2009 Track and Field

March 11   Results      
March 18   Results
March 25   Results
April 1        Results
April 15     Results  
April 22      Results
April 29      Results
May 6         Results
May 13 – Finals Results

Results on
3/11     3/18     3/25     4/01     4/15    4/22     4/29     5/06     5/13

Best Marks Lists

Do yourself, your kids and your parents a favor and use to manage your team. I introduced them to the San Diego High School Cross Country and Track Community a few years ago and it's revolutionized the way invites are run and results are reported. Just go in to any of the links above or below and explore.... you'll see what I mean. All the South Coast meets from 2005 on are loadedin a searchable database. You can click on any athlete and see his/her entire history. High school runners who are linked can see their history back to 2005. The depth of information and related links is amazing.

2008 Cross Country

Meet No. 1 - Thursday, September 25, 2008. Hosted by Coronado at Tidelands Park
Meet No. 2 - Thursday, October 2, 2008. Hosted by La Jolla Country Day at UCSD
Meet No. 3 - Thursday, October 9, 2008. Hosted by Bishop's School at Crown Point
Meet No. 4 - Thursday, October 16, 2008. Hosted by Rancho Santa Fe at San Dieguito Park
Meet No. 5 - Thursday, October 23, 2008. Hosted by Francis Parker at Tecolote Park
Meet No. 6 - Thursday, October 30, 2008. Hosted by Christian at Lindo Lake

SCMSL Championship Meet - Thursday, November 6, 2008. Hosted by the San Diego Jewish Academy.
Since this meet had 6th and 7th races combined and 8th grade races separate I made three sets of results.
6th and 7th grade races       8th Grade Races           Combined (merged in computer) boys and girls races
Note... Because the races were smaller when split by grade levels I didn't score by time for the split races.
However for the computer combined versions I did.

2008 Track and Field
Wednesday, March 12 Results
Wednesday, March 19 Results
Wednesday, April 2 Results
Wednesday, April 9 Results
Wednesday, April 16  Results
Wednesday, April 23   Results
Wednesday, April 30   Results
Wednesday, May 7 – Championships  Results

2007 Cross Country
Wed. Sept. 19 Tidelands Park/Coronado 3:30 pm
Wed. Sept 26 Crown Point/The Bishop's School 3:30 pm
Wed. Oct. 3 San Dieguito Park/Rancho Santa Fe 3:30 pm
Wed. Oct. 10 UCSD/La Jolla Country Day 3:30 pm
Wed. Oct 17 Tecolote Canyon/Francis Parker 3:30 pm - rained out
Wed. Oct. 24 Lindo Lake/Christian 3:30 pm - burned out

Wed. Nov. 7 SCMSL League Championship


2007 Track and Field
15-March: First Meet
22-March: Second Meet

29-Mar: Third Meet
12-April: Fourth Meet
19-April: Fifth Meet
26-April: Sixth Meet

3-May: Seventh Meet
10-May: Seventh Meet (Championships)

See compiled results for all of our 2007 track meets on

2006 Cross Country

Day and Date * Host School Competition Site & Results Links

Sept. 20
Sept. 27
Oct. 4
Oct. 11
Oct. 18
Oct. 25
Nov. 1
Nov. 8

San Diego Jewish Academy
Rancho Santa Fe
The Bishop's School
Francis Parker
La Jolla Country Day
Christian High School
SCMSL Finals

San Diego Jewish Academy
Tidelands Park in Coronado
San Dieguito Park
Crown Point
Tecolote Canyon
Univ. of Calif. San Diego (no results)
Lindo Lake, El Cajon
San Diego Jewish Academy
Boys results    Girls Results

2006 Track and Field
Wed 15-Mar
Wed 22-Mar
Wed 29-Mar
Wed 5-Apr
Wed 19-Apr
Wed 26-Apr
Wed 3-May
Wed 10-May
2005 Cross Country
2005 Track and Field
March 9th Results (host school Rancho Sante Fe)
March 16th Results (host school La Jolla Country Day)
Spring Break
April 6th Results (host school Bishops)
April 13th Results (host school Francis Parker)
April 20th Results (host school Warren Walker)
April 27th Resuts (host school Christian)
May 4th Coronado, League Finals

2004 Cross Country









La Jolla Country Day

La Jolla Country Day





Tidelands Park





Crown Point




Frances Parker

Tecolote Canyon





Lindo Lake


Rained Out



Rancho Santa Fe

San Deguito Park


Rained Out